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Things to know before starting to mine

Make sure your hard earned profits get right where they belong: in your wallet!

Choose a wallet that suits your needs (it can be desktop, mobile, hardware or even a paper wallet) and submit your public address for each coin you mine with us. Every time the minimum threshold of your contract is reached, you’ll receive the amount mined directly to your wallet and get notified by email.

Good to know: You can update the addresses used to receive your mining funds at any time, and every change must be confirmed by email. Make sure to copy/paste your address correctly, and check it twice when confirming it from your wallet page. The end user is responsible for the correct input of the public address, wrongly inserted addresses may lead to the impossibility to recover the funds already sent.
We suggest not to use an exchange deposit address to receive your funds because it’s private keys are not under your control and you must pay fees when withdrawing.

You must complete your profile with truthful information, as required by Swiss law, before being able to confirm your wallet addresses.

Insert Coin SAGL is not responsible for the security of the funds sent to customers or their use. We encourage our users to backup their wallets and keep the private keys or mnemonic phrases in a safe place to restore the wallet if needed.


wallet name TYPE BTC ETH ZEC Key Control
Coinomi Desktop, Mobile User control
Exodus Desktop User control
Guarda Desktop, Mobile User control
Jaxx Liberty Desktop, Mobile User control
Ledger Hardware User control
Trezor Hardware User control
Trust Mobile User control

For security purposes Insert Coin SAGL only lists and recommends mobile, desktop and hardware wallets that allow users to store private keys with no third party involved.